Re-Inventing Scrap !

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During this week long workshop at National Institute of Design(NID), students explored the Corian scrap to design small usable product. Disposing Corian scrap is a big challenge at any fabrication unit. This approach to reuse addresses this issue, and presents a sustainable business opportunity. Scraps of similar sizes were separated, then all usable pieces were grouped. Students then backworked, designing products looking at the available material. This design process is innovative as in conventional methods material procurement always follows designing, where there is no control on quantity consumed and hence the price. The reverse thinking allows creativity within resource constraints. Translucent adhesive was used throughout as colours of scrap were never the same, making each piece unique ! This workshop was a part of collaborative DuPont-NID “open-innovation” initiative.

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Workshop lead – Arvind Dutta, Nilesh Misal & Susanth CS

Students – NID Bangalore Retail design PG batch 2009  (Mukta, Krishna, Radhika, Sohini, Abhijit, Gokul, Jalpa, Anshu, Raghu, Supriya )

Fabrication – Sri Balaji, Bangalore


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