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Design Process 1.0

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The design process flow by Arvind Dutta, (C) 2010


Design Workshops at NID Bangalore

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Bangalore,  September 1 – 7, 2007 : ‘HANDS ON MINDS ON’ workshop with NID Retail Design Students 

I along with my ex-colleague, Robin conducted the first open-innovation workshop for DuPont™  Corian® solid surface in  collaboration  with National  Institute  of  Design (NID) ,Bangalore to  enhance  design leadership. The event served as a common platform for the Indian Design Community and DuPont™ Corian® to spark a mutually beneficial long-standing relationship. DuPont™ Corian® workshop at NID, Bangalore was a week-long workshop for students to provide a hands-on experience with the product. It was followed by an exhibition of the designs created with DuPont™ Corian® and a 2-day interactive workshop session with significant architects and designers.  The workshop laid the collaborative foundation for DuPont™ Corian® & NID for design leadership.

The  workshop  aimed  to  introduce  a hi-performance lifestyle  material,  Corian® to the budding designer community and provide the  students  hands-on  experience  with  DuPont™  Corian®  to  help  them visualize design possibilities. ‘Hands on, Minds on’ format provided a practical experience to budding designers from conceptual to final prototyping. It helped students visualize and demonstrate opportunities in Retail, Lifestyle and Exhibition sectors. It was followed by an exhibition of the designs created by the students. The hands-on workshop format sparked a direct association with the young designer minds. 

Design Process Followed 

  • Introduction of DuPont™ and Corian® to students and faculty
  • Presentation and demonstration
  • Warm-up exercise: Create an expression on a one square feet of corian® tile, which will be composed to create a permanent mural in NID campus. Intention was to familiarize students with the feel of the material.
  • Conceptual Design Stage 
    1. Students were divided into 3 groups.
    2. Design brief was left open, students brain stormed to come up with there own categories, namely Retail, Lifestyle and ‘Space Element for NID campus ’.
    3. Analysis, Research, Specification.
    4. Problem solving and presentation in groups.
  • Design Development Stage
  • Detailing, scale models, final drawings
  • Final Prototype Development
  • Exhibition of products
  • Feedback Session
  • Evaluation and conclusion

  “2-Days interactive workshop with professional’ Architects and Designers’ – Hands on Minds on”

Bangalore 8th-9th September, 2007: 

NID’s Research & Development Campus addresses the need for an exclusive Design Research centre in the country, by collaborating with industries and sighting new opportunities and frontiers. ‘Hands on, minds on’ format with DuPont™ Corian® was an initiative of NID to offer a common platform for industry professionals and faculty members to achieve design leadership through original research and innovations. 

Corian®  has  sparked  the  imagination of designers and challenged them to constantly  reinvent  it  to  meet  ever-changing  diverse  functional  and aesthetic demands. The event organized served as a platform for the Indian Design Community and DuPont™ Corian® to spark a mutually beneficial long-standing relationship.

The professionals got a hands-on experience to explore design possibilities with DuPont™ Corian®. It inspired new application possibilities in home and commercial spaces.DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is known for its applications in countertop surfaces has evolved as a media for expression since last 5 decades of its existence. In this workshop, the participating designers saw a lot of possibilities with the DuPontTM Corian® in the fast changing socio-economic Indian construction environment interior space in both residential and commercial space. The designers commented that there are possibilities to collaborate with technology, creative work and material science and develop a new interior space for the retail environment in particular. 

Participants were from diverse industry sectors like INFOSYS, WIPRO, 4D, DISHA Shop Fittings, NIFT Bangalore, IISC Bangalore, and other practicing NID Alumnus.

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Workshop Lead : Arvind Dutta, Robin Rai & Susanth CS

Fabrication : Sri Balaji, Bangalore

Interactive Spaces

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I presented a talk on Interactive spaces with DuPont Corian(R) held on 27th Dec 2007 at NID’s R & D Campus, in the context of 2-day seminar titled “Industry Practices and Processes in the Development of Products and services” The talk was focussed on environments designed using product properties to enhance interactivity with the users based on futuristic scenarios. The talk was attended by students, faculty and industry professionals.

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Presentation by Arvind Dutta, Design Manager DuPont Building Innovations -India

Designing Vertical Elements

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During this week long workshop with the 3rd batch of retail design at NID we focused on exploring possibilities of wall hangings/mural/theme wall etc. using properties of Corian® solid surfaces. I was leading the workshop with my talented friend Nilesh, who is also a furniture design graduate from NID Ahmedabad. We took the students introduction of material and processes, followed by concept development, detailing and prototyping.

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Workshop at NID Bandalore, R&D Campus

14th june to 18th june 2010

Participated by – DRE 3rd batch

Workshop conducted by : Arvind Dutta, Nilesh Misal & CS Susanth

Fabrication : Sri Balaji, Bangalore

Medicall '10

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MediCall 2010, Chennai – India’s biggest Healthcare exhibition

Concept, Design & Graphics : Arvind Dutta

Execution : Arvind Dutta, Nagarajan & Paneer Selvam, Fabrication : Sri Balaji, Bangalore


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DuPont Stall showcasing Corian(R) in exterior cladding at CTBUH’10

Design and Concept : Arvind Dutta. Fabrication : Blossoms, Mumbai

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Re-Inventing Scrap !

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During this week long workshop at National Institute of Design(NID), students explored the Corian scrap to design small usable product. Disposing Corian scrap is a big challenge at any fabrication unit. This approach to reuse addresses this issue, and presents a sustainable business opportunity. Scraps of similar sizes were separated, then all usable pieces were grouped. Students then backworked, designing products looking at the available material. This design process is innovative as in conventional methods material procurement always follows designing, where there is no control on quantity consumed and hence the price. The reverse thinking allows creativity within resource constraints. Translucent adhesive was used throughout as colours of scrap were never the same, making each piece unique ! This workshop was a part of collaborative DuPont-NID “open-innovation” initiative.

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Workshop lead – Arvind Dutta, Nilesh Misal & Susanth CS

Students – NID Bangalore Retail design PG batch 2009  (Mukta, Krishna, Radhika, Sohini, Abhijit, Gokul, Jalpa, Anshu, Raghu, Supriya )

Fabrication – Sri Balaji, Bangalore

Crafting Corian(R) scrap

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The objective of this exercise was leveraging traditional crafsman skills to design sustainable products with Corian® scrap to design products for contemporary needs & tastes. Dumping of scraps is on of the biggest struggles with fabricators. A sustainable value chain to reuse this will not only solve this problem but also open up new category, creating newer oppor tuni t ies . Globalizat ion demands innovation. Traditional crafts and crafts persons have to adapt to changes in social set ups,culture and economy by inventing products,materials, and processes with new standards of quality and creativity.Wood and Stone were traditionally used for craft development because of local availability. But, with depleting natural resources there has been a constant struggle to acquire the right material. There is a need for the persons involved to adapt and evolve with the changing times. The new age Marvel DuPont™ Corian® is a wonder material which is workable like wood and durable like stone. Which means traditional sculpting tools could be used very easily to get high quality and durable artefacts. It is recyclable, renewable, seamless and available in wide palette of colours. It is 100 percent homogenous which overcomes the age old problem with traditional material. It is ready to use without and pre processing. It is thermoform able, which means there is absolutely no limit to imagination. This collaboration will provide a new direction and empower the crafts persons, as a value adder using skills already known to them. Scraps of similar sizes were glued together to make a solid block using the joint adhesive. Craftsmen were given training to use adhesive. Combination of Traditional and hand tools were used to achieve the sculptures without any training on the techniques.

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Project Lead – Arvind Dutta & Susanth CS, Student – Raghu, National Institute of Design, Bangalore

MSME Design Sensitization Seminar

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I was happy to be a speaker at Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise to MSMEs, a unique and ambitious design intervention scheme for the country’s  large micro, small and medium scale enterprises, is an initiative of Ministry of MSME, Government of India has been launched under National Manufacturing Competitiveness programme. (Download – invite and prog)

The scheme is being designed keeping in mind the objective of design awareness, design interventions and competitiveness improvement for largest group of industrial sectors, Micro, small and medium enterprises of the country which contributes to approximately 45% of total industrial production and 40% exports. They are major contributors to the GDP growth, accounting to about 8%. They are also the largest employers after agriculture, employing an estimated 41 million people.

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Presentation by Arvind Dutta at MSME Design Seminar, Hyderabad 2010

In Pursuit of Innovation

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Presentation by Arvind Dutta on Corporate Innovation & Design Thinking at DuPont Building Innovations Team Meeting 2009, Jim Corbett India.

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