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Corian(R) @ NID- reflections

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This is my 10th Corian(R) workshop with design students from various corners in India. Teaching is actually a profound learning process. I wish to thank all the students for their time, patience and commitment to the course. It is only in such events that, the true design potential of any material gets explored, and there are moments when I am truly surprised by the ingenuity of application.

Such events are not possible without support from your team members. A big thank you to – NID Exhibition design team for giving us this opportunity, Magic Konnections for timely supporting us with the fabrication, and DuPont Building Innovations management for having faith in designers & design process. I will upload works from my past workshops shortly. Keep reading, and posting your comments 😀


Team 3- Product Ideas

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Team 3, consisting of Samyak, Prerna, & Tanvi, designed products in Corian(R). They designed products ranging from a tessellation lamp, a sine curve book shelf, a pair of stilettos & hold on… a wine bottle holder (in a dry state!). It is interesting to see how Corian(R) can offer a flexible medium to convert surface aesthetics into three dimensional seamless functional objects. As we always say, with Corian(R), your only limitation is your imagination!

Team 2 – Product Ideas

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Team Two – Zo & Vihanga, explored Corian(R) panels, using engraving & inlay techniques.

Team 1 – Corian(R) Skin Explorations

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The group consisting of Priyanka, Akanksha & Sanaa, explored Corian(R) skins. These explorations test the unique properties of Corian(R), such as, Formability & Translucency. I see these ideas to easily extrapolate into elements of space – walls, partitions, feature walls. *Impressive work*

Day 5-Display@NID Faculty Lounge

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Day IV – Activities, lots of it.

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As always, there are highs and lows in design process, but work is moving at the desired pace. Students have got a hang of the material properties and have become comfortable working with routers and hot air guns. Some good explorations have been done on stretching the limits of formability and translucency of Corian(R). I had a presentation with Furniture discipline. I wished to give them a perspective on the Market Driven Innovation activities that we do at DuPont India. We had two interesting guests in the campus. First, Mr Anish Bajaj, the editor of Home Review magazine, and my good friend. He was here to introduce DesignMile competetion. DuPont Corian(R) is one of the co-sponsors for this event. Do register for the Corian(R) Future lighting competition. Second visitor in the campus was a gigantic Elephant, who was here to celebrate Onam.
Today, we wish to plan a display in the evening. I will post the pictures of the final output in the next Post!

Day 3 – Work@Workshop

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Today was a very productive day, and some of the students have done good explorations. Tomorrow we will continue the good work and wrap everything by friday. Hopefully, we will plan a display by the weekend.

I have realized that, NID is good with wood & metal working, but the knowledge of plastics is still at surface level. I would like to cover some of my learnings about plastics at DuPont, and combine it with some discussions on innovation. I also have an informal meet with the F&ID discipline tomorrow at 1700 Hrs.

Snapshots 2.0

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Day 2 – Interactivity with Corian(R)

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We had a fantastic kick-start on day 1 with the basics set right. Today, We’ll Look at how the iconic designer Zaha Hadid has used Corian(R) as a medium to de-construct conventional cooking environment into an interactive, Hi-Tech environment. We’ll also look at the interactive interpretations with Corian(R) of Morris Sato, Ron Arad, Amanda Levete, Ross Lovegrove, Marc Newson & Karim Rashid. This will be followed by a group discussion. I have re-scheduled this topic in advance as I feel that students will take some cues for their designs from these futuristic ideas. Post Lunch groups will continue with their explorations in the workshop.
P.S.Deconstruction, is an approach to design that attempts to view objects in bits and pieces. Some prominent luminaries in this school of thought are -Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Richard Meier, Rem Koolhaas.

During the day, when we are too tired, we’ll see how architect Ted Mosby(HIMYM) tackles his dilemma of being an idealist or giving up to commercialism.

Snapshots from the workshop

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Some images of the activities at the workshop.